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Charlotte Tilbury 'The Golden Goddess' and 'The Dolce Vita' Eyeshadow Palette Review

Josephine Way

You may or may not have seen on my social media, that I recently made some new purchases for my kit. Naturally I couldn't make additions without buying something from Charlotte Tilbury, because quite frankly, I’m obsessed with everything she does! There is literally nothing I don’t want. And since I’ve never been disappointed with a CT product I think it’s safe to say there isn’t anything I wouldn’t love to own.


I’ve been wanting to purchase some new eyeshadow palettes for my brides to be for a while and had toyed with the idea of a couple of others, until a trip to The Bullring (my second home) drew me to these beauties. There are 8 other palettes to choose from, each one as beautiful as the next, but after much deliberation I settled on ‘Golden Goddess’ and ‘The Dolce Vita’ for being the perfect additions to my kit.


The Golden Goddess is everything you would expect from the name. It allows you to create a beautiful golden eye – from the most natural to an absolute smouldering goddess! The lightest golden shade is beautiful and is probably the first I have liked on myself. I tend to steer clear of shadows with too much shimmer, and for me, gold is one of those colours I am extremely picky about. Usually feeling like I look far too OTT when in reality I’m hardly wearing any. But this one is different and is almost more of a sheer glow - it’s enough of a colour to make an impact, but light enough that it’s not obvious. I fell in love with it from the moment I tried it.

The shadows are a very fine pressed powder, which means the colours blend effortlessly and take no effort at all to create a stunning look. Because of Charlotte’s clever colour coding too, you can mix and match the colours to create different looks, and it’s perfect for taking you from work to a night out.


The second palette I bought was ‘The Dolce Vita’ because I wanted something that was a little bit different. I have lots of bronzes, browns etc. because it’s very classic ‘bridal’ but I quite often see brides who want to push the boundaries a little bit – or my clients who are off on a night out and want to make an impact.

The tones of this palette are much more burnt than the golden goddess with underlying copper tones – very on trend and on a whole new level when paired with blue eyes (not that it doesn’t look equally amazing with brown, but if you’re a blue eyed beauty then pairing them with orangey, copper tones will really make them stand out!)

My favourite from ‘The Dolce Vita’ has got to be the burgundy colour. There are very tiny specks of gold, which don’t show up immediately but under the right light, create dimension and a little bit of glam. My kind of beauty!

And of course the packaging is beautiful. I love the brand Charlotte Tilbury has created – this old school luxury, classic and elegant. I did mention I was a little bit obsessed didn’t I?!

10 Minute Makeup Must Haves

Josephine Way

I don't know about you guys, but life seems to get busier and busier. Juggling work, being a mumma bear, trying desperately to keep the house in order (and more often than not failing!) and still maintaining some form of social life can be bloody hard work! And whilst I've previously not been a fan of multi-use products, they've become a bit of a necessity for me. Nowadays I need something that I can stick on in a hurry, in under 10 minutes and not feel like i've let my 3 year old loose on my face. These 3 babies are the wonder products that have come to be a part of my everyday routine now...

First up is Charlotte Tilbury’s beach stick. I have it in the shade ‘moon beach’ and genuinely it gives you the most gorgeous sunkissed look. The perfect peach and hint of highlight makes for a gorgeous healthy glow. It’s a cream stick and packed with moisturising and plumping ingredients that really make your skin dewy after application.

What makes it so great is that it’s multi-use which means you can use it for a blush, your lips, I’ve even used it as an eye colour too, but if you're using on your eyes too you need to make sure you set it with a translucent powder or you’ll spend all day trying to get rid of those pesky creases! Other than my foundation and brows, I have literally created a whole look using it. Recently I’ve been a fan of keeping my makeup super simple and this is the perfect way to keep everything looking fresh and anything but ‘boring.’ (you can read my blog which features keeping your look tonal HERE)


There are 5 other shades available and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before I snap up another. I’ve got my eye ‘Es Vedra’ which is literally perfect for a late night on the beach drinking a raspberry Tom Colins….(hurry up summer!!)


Next up is another Charlotte Tilbury item - but hey, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE all of her products! This time it’s her Colour Chameleon in ‘amber haze.’ Now I’ll admit, I’m not normally a fan of eyeshadow pencils. Any I have tried in the past have faded pretty quickly, or not blended very well with my fingers (surely the point of any eyeshadow pencil is that you can chuck it on when you’re in a hurry, blend with your fingers and away you go!) But this one is different. This one gives a highly pigmented colour, blends like a dream and stays in place. Perfect for when you’re leaving the office and heading for a drink (or in my case, waking up at 5am and don’t want to scare your clients on their wedding day!)


And finally, I’ve got to give a shout out to Mac Prep and Prime Fix + because it’s been a staple in my kit for so long now and is ridiculously versatile. It’s described on Mac’s website as ‘a lightweight water mist that gently soothes and refreshes skin and finishes makeup.’ So basically, spray it with no makeup on and it’ll refresh and hydrate the skin. I also like to spray some after my makeup too sometimes. As you all know, I have pretty dry skin so adding a bit of mist after it’s applied can stop it from looking cakey and settling where I don’t want it to. You can even spray it on your brushes before apply an eyeshadow and you’ll get amazing colour payoff. Be warned though, the colour won’t blend afterwards (great for making a statement by using bold colours such as this one from Kiko Milano) so keep a spare brush on hand so that you can blend with some powder shadow, if you’re wanting something softer.

Bridal Makeup Trends for 2017

Josephine Way

2017 is already kicking off to be an exciting one and although the height of wedding season isn’t quite here yet, I’ve suddenly felt the pace pick up, with lots of my brides-to-be getting booked in for their makeup trials. Here’s my pick of the hottest trends for bridal makeup this year. to give you all a bit of wedding inspo.


The Classic Blush

Lela Rose 

Lela Rose 

Pink is in! Which is great for those ladies wanting a more traditional bridal look. You’ve probably seen shades of blush splashed everywhere recently and it’s set to stay as a big trend for the bridal world in 2017 (hello gorgeous blush dresses!) And makeup is no different.

For a real nod towards the trend keep everything tonal – think the same tone for cheeks, lips and eyes to give a really fresh and delicate vibe. Team with dewy skin and a bushy brow, as seen at Sachin & Babi for the ultimate in ladylike chic. Not sure about pink everything? Take a look at Lela Rose for a simpler (but equally as gorgeous) version.


Glam & Golden

Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky

The key with this look is to highlight. Everything. Everywhere. Use a build of products to get the best results – if you really want to get that gorgeous glow then it’s all about layering a mixture of textures and products to give that all over gleam. Think liquids, powders, creams, glosses…and again, extend the look on to your eyelids to really pull it together and give that whimsical feel. I’m in love with the looks seen at Rime Arodaky.

Having a rose gold/copper themed wedding? everywhere and it’s here to stay!) then check out Theia Rose’s take on a rose gold eye. Perhaps a softer and more wearable look than full on gold goddess.


Natural Woody Tones

Caroline Herrera

Caroline Herrera

Matte brown eyeshadows are great for those wanting a little bit of oomph around the eye area without making the look too dramatic. I absolutely love the look seen at Caroline Herrera – makes for a perfect bridal look. If you want to up your fashion game even higher – team with a red lip. Anything with orange undertones and you’ll be right on track.




Of course, no bridal look is complete without gorgeous glowing skin so it’s important to start getting a routine in place – no matter which look you’re swaying towards (if any, you may have something else in mind!) Have a read up of my previous blog post which will help you get everything in order for a flawless base.

January Skin Detox

Josephine Way

So I don’t know about you guys but I over indulged A LOT over Christmas. And whilst that was lovely for a while (Bailey’s for breakfast, anyone?) I’ve definitely been feeling the after effects and I know my skin has too. Too much alcohol has left it dehydrated and the Thorntons family box I scoffed in a night has done nothing to brighten my complexion. If this all sounds a little too familiar read on for some super simple things you can do to get your skin back on the road to down right gorgeous.

First things first, if you’re not already sticking to a regular skin care routine now is a good time to start. At the very minimum you need to be doing a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine but if you want your skin to appear radiant and healthy you really need to be exfoliating once a week too. A build up of dead skin cells makes our skin appear dull and lacklustre and won’t allow you to create a smooth base for your makeup.

It’s important you pick products to suit your skin type. Oily skin types will want to stay away from products with any added oil, and sensitive types will want to try and avoid heavily perfumed products for example. Skincare can sometimes seem confusing but once you get your head round it, it’s really very simple. Think about what your skin needs and apply it. Does it need more hydration? Less hydration? Do you have spots? Fine lines? If you’re really stuck I’d recommend visiting somewhere like Kiehl’s where you can get a full skin analysis with products recommended to suit. I think it’s definitely worth investing in some real high quality skincare, which will help to keep your skin in the best condition.

At this time of year, using a facemask can also be a great help. Plus, when it’s this cold outside all I fancy doing is lounging around in my pyjamas – the perfect time for a facemask! Again, it’s important to pick one that’s suited to your skin type. For my oily gals out there I recommend Soap and Glory’s ‘The Fab Pore.’ Or if you’re dry as bone like me I am absolutely loving Espa’s overnight hydration therapy mask.

OK, OK it’s ridiculously obvious and we’re told time and time again but….Drink. More. Water! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if you want your skin to look plump and hydrated, then you need to be hydrated yourself! Dry skin often looks more lined and not to mention, can be really difficult for makeup application. Make sure you’re drinking 2 litres of water a day and try to cut down on alcohol and caffeine – both are dehydrating and won’t do your skin any favours.

When my skin is looking a little bit dull and tired I like to pick my makeup products wisely. It’s always a good idea to let your skin breathe from time to time and ditch the makeup, but let’s face it, there are times when you just can’t and/or don’t want to. In winter I often like to switch to a CC cream (or in other words a colour correcting cream) It’s like a foundation but lighter and as the name would suggest it colour corrects your skin – that means it diminishes redness, blurs fine lines and reflects the light. It’s a little bit thicker than it’s sister the BB (beauty balm) cream but as I tend to like a fuller coverage the CC works well for me.

I like to also keep the rest of my makeup simple so as not to draw attention to any unwanted areas. All these late nights have taken their toll on my eye area (not to mention the baby that refuses to sleep) and so I like to try and take the focus away from my eyes and will often just have a slick of mascara and a vibrant lip. I absolutely love Mac lipstick in ‘Media’ for this time of year. It’s the perfect deep plum colour. 

You'll want to make sure your lips are in top condition too - especially if you'll be opting for a bright lip from time to time. The winter months really affect our lips, constantly going out from the warm in to the cold, and back again, soon starts to take it's toll! Try to avoid compensating for the dryness by over moisturising. It might be tempting to keep the chapstick glued to your lips but you'll actually do more damage than good. Your lips will soon start to depend on the product to keep them lovely and soft. Instead opt for a sugar scrub which will remove the dead skin - and as sugar is a humectant (meaning it holds in moisture) it's a double whammy. I always carry one in my kit. Lush do a brilliant one, or you can make your own using brown sugar and a dash of honey to make it into a paste. Follow up with a balm and you're good to go.

I hope you've found this useful but if you're still a bit stuck on your skincare check out my Facebook and Instagram pages where I'll be doing 'SKINCARE SUNDAY' every week and sharing some amazing products.

My top 3 foundations for bridal makeup

Josephine Way

It can be a scary world trying to choose the right foundation shade, let alone one that’s suitable for you and your skin type. With new products coming out daily and many claiming to have properties that will fix this and lift that, it’s no wonder it can get confusing! I’m here to lift the lid on my top 3 foundations for bridal makeup and why I chose them – not a thick, cakey base in sight!


1.     Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick

Since it’s launch the stick foundation has received incredible reviews and awards and it’s no wonder with results like these! This foundation is the one that receives the most comments about how light it feels on the skin and is one I use for a lot of brides.  Bobbi herself describes it as giving ‘a unique, transparent base plus skin tone correcting pigments.’ Erm hello?! Perfect wedding day talk! I use this foundation for my clients that prefer a slightly matte finish and for those that like a really natural feel because once it’s on, you hardly even realise you’re wearing it! Despite the slightly matte effect it gives it does still create a natural glow, which helps to make your skin look healthy and clear. The pigment correctors cover red marks and age spots, and the overall finish is incredibly natural. Plus it’s long wear which means even by 2am in the morning you’ll still be looking just as gorgeous as when you stepped out!

2.    Illamasqua Skin Base

Illamasqua Skin Base is an amazing foundation with buildable coverage that creates a flawless finish. Vitamin E and C provide an amazing skin boost and once applied your skin looks plump and hydrated.

The fact that it is buildable coverage means it’s a great foundation for weddings. Each bride I see has their own preferences and the fact that this product allows me to customise, without risking it looking caked or patchy, is one of the reasons that this is a firm favourite! That and the fact that it makes your skin look damn right gorgeous once it’s applied (oh and it’s cruelty free – another winner in my eyes!)

3.    Mac Face and Body

This one I reserve for the ladies who wear very little makeup on a day-to-day basis and the reason being is because it’s so light (particularly when applied with the right type of brush) but makes your skin look incredibly healthy. It creates a gorgeous dewy finish and as the name would suggest – it can be used on the body too.  If your dress has a low front, or a dipped back, and you have uneven skin tone – then it’s perfect for that! I would steer clear of this for particularly oily skin – the formula is a very thin liquid and sometimes that ‘glow’ can translate as greasy if there’s extra oil already present in the skin – a setting powder can only go so far! For those that don’t like the feel of thick foundation though, this is perfect and as it’s waterproof it’ll create the perfect base for your bridal makeup.

So there we have it - my top 3 choices! All gorgeous in their own right, but providing very different results. If you're thinking of doing your makeup yourself, i'd love to know what you've chosen (just remember to pick a product with no SPF in or you'll get the dreaded flashback from the camera!)


Dr Organic Snail Gel Review

Josephine Way

So it’s been 3 weeks of applying snail gel to my face and I’ve had more than a few funny looks when I’ve let on to people what I’ve been trying out. It seems not everyone is as happy to try out strange ideas in the name of beauty! But for anyone wondering ‘what does it look like? Does it feel slimy? What does is smell like?’ Read on and I’ll cover my thoughts!

I first heard about Dr Organic Snail Gel, when a lovely lady came to see me to get her makeup done. She was in her mid 40’s and to say her skin was good for her age is a complete understatement. I’m talking full on hydrated glow, this lady looked ah-may-ZING!! Naturally we got on to the subject and I asked her about her routine. I’ll confess I had never heard of Snail Gel but she swore blind that this had had the biggest effect on her skin. Better than anything she’d ever tried - and she confessed she’d bought in to a lot of claims in her time!

I got home and spent the night trawling the internet, reading review after review. There seemed to be A LOT of people saying the same thing – that this stuff is magic cream. Sold! Give me 10! I’m not particularly squeamish so the idea didn’t put me off. I’ll try most things to keep my skin in amazing condition and slow down the ageing process and if it’s a natural product, even better!

So I guess you’re all wondering about this miracle cream hey? How do they get the slime? Why the hell would anyone want to do that?! Well I can confirm that the snail slime is obtained in a safe and none harming way. They are left to roam free – free range snails if you will – over glass sheets, which then collect the trails as they go. The part of the slime that is used is Helix Aspersa Muller, or in other words, the part which allows a snail to quickly regenerate it’s own shell and skin. So in theory, it should bring the same properties to your face, smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles. Pretty cool huh?

The gel itself is not really as I had imagined. In it's pot, it looks incredibly thick which I expected to translate as sticky on my face, but it didn’t. It’s light and fresh and when it touches the skin it goes on almost like water. There’s no residue and it soaks in to the skin almost immediately leaving a brightened appearance. You then follow on with your usual moisturiser and eye cream.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was the smell. I’m not sure what I expected, but I definitely didn’t think I’d like it! It’s actually very fresh, which shouldn’t be surprising since it boasts an impressive ingredients list of Aloe Vera, May Chang Oil and Lemongrass Oil to name a few. The overall smell is clean and delicate and not at all off putting!

3 weeks in and I think I’m definitely starting to notice a difference. In particular when used after a facemask (my favourites at the moment are Kaeso Beauty Pomegranate and White Nettle Firming Mask or Loreal’s Clay Glow mask.) My skin seems plumper and I feel like the fine lines that were beginning to appear on my forehead are disappearing. It’s probably still too early to say for certain but it’s been good enough that I’m going to continue using it for the foreseeable future. So far, it’s a thumbs up from me!

I’d love to know if any of you have tried it, and what your thoughts were. Drop me a comment below!

Life as a makeup artist - your peek behind the scenes!

Josephine Way

It’s been a busy few months of makeup recently, with wedding season in full flow and lots of other exciting projects. I thought it might be nice to share a few of my recent favourites (although it was tricky to pick, I’ll admit!)

Louise, Louise, where do we start?! Sometimes you get clients that you just click with, for one reason or another, and Louise was definitely one of those ladies! She opted for a soft vintage feel to her makeup, and when we met at her trial we had a lot of fun trying out different lipstick shades to see which was best for the overall look (there were 4 of us present, and we all picked different shades!) I created a soft, vintage eye with a classic flick. By using warm tones and golden browns I was able to make her blue eyes pop.

It’s so nice when the day comes together and I get to see how the makeup works with all the other elements of the day. In particular that dress! Can we just all take a moment to appreciated that back detail?! Absolute dreaaaaaam!

The theme for the day was pastel blues and yellows and everything from the cake, to the bouquet, to the violinists playing as guests arrived, was perfectly thought out. This was one of those weddings, where I came away thinking WOW!

Louise very kindly sent me some photos so I could share her day on my blog (thank you lovely!) and I’ll admit I spent the whole time looking through them with a grin on my face. This pair are so loved up! Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Redhead.

Some of you may or may not know that I have recently been doing some work with The Makeup and Beauty Association I’m currently working on some tutorials for their private members area where there’s a whole array of amazing makeup and beauty tips, tricks and a fabulous community. We’ve already done our first set of videos – I have to confess I felt a little bit nervous about standing in front of a camera for the first time (I’m far happier standing behind it looking on for makeup touch ups!) but I actually loved it and I can’t wait to get back to record the next set in a few weeks. Robyn, the founder, and I have been coming up with some amazing looks,  if you’re already a member you’re in for a treat – if not, why not?! I've got some great ideas in store for you guys!

I love this shot from some recent work with Chris Harris and model, Jessica Workman. If somebody had told me when I was a little girl that I could make a living out of throwing glitter over a half naked body I’d have laughed in your face. But it turns out you can, and it’s also a lot of fun!! Jessica has such an amazing and quirky look and there were so many gorgeous shots to choose from -  there’s some more on my Facebook page in case you missed any!

This weekend I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for Kushvinder, and her sister’s at her traditional Indian wedding. I always love doing traditional Asian bridal makeup as it often requires far stronger, and brighter colours (think blues, purples, and glitter for this one!) I was allowed to use my creativity and create the looks I felt would best suit the girls outfits, whilst Kushvinder went for a bold red lip with bright, sparkly gold on her eyes. It was a 5am start for this one and I returned in the evening to create her perfect reception look. It was such a beautiful day and I even got invited back to the celebrations once I’d finished!

When I see all the things I've been up to I feel so genuinely lucky that this is my job. These past few weeks alone have seen 6 weddings, 3 bridal trials, 3 days in the studio, 2 prom ladies and a photoshoot. Phew! But without sounding too cheesy, it hasn't felt like work at all! (blergh...ok too cheesy. Even I feel a bit queasy after that!)

A guide to achieving flawless bridal makeup

Josephine Way

So you’ve booked the venue, the dress is chosen and you may even have found your makeup artist (or decided to do it yourself) but what next?! I see so many brides that aren’t sure what makeup look they’d like, or if there’s any preparations they need to do beforehand, that I thought I’d devise a little guide to all things wedding makeup!

Before your trial with your makeup artist you’ll want to try and form an idea of the sorts of looks you like. Pinterest is a great tool for this and you’ll find tons of inspiration on there. When you’re looking for your wedding makeup try to look for examples with similar skin tones and features, as the colours and placement of the makeup will translate better on to you. It’s no good picking a Kimmy K contoured look if you’re rocking a Dita Von Teese skin tone!

I recommend you have your trial 3-6 weeks before your wedding date and booking it at a time when there’s natural light. You’ll get a far better idea of what your makeup actually looks like than if you’re under an artificial one (we’ve all been to a makeup counter and come out with a face the colour of David Dickinson at least once, haven’t we?!) It’s really important you get everything you want out of your trial so make sure you let your makeup artist know your thoughts and don’t be afraid to ask if you want something changing. If you want to try a few different looks, no problem! You can build up your look with something simple to start and move on to something heavier, stopping at the point you feel your best.

Which brings me on to my next point, so many times when I’m chatting to my clients about their bridal makeup I get the response “l want it to be really thick because it needs to last all day.” It’s a common misconception that thick makeup will last longer. It won’t, and more often than not it will just look cakey! The products you pick will have a far bigger impact on the staying power, than the amount you put on. As a makeup artist I choose the products I apply, based on your skin type, desired skin finish etc. but if you’ve chosen to do your makeup yourself on your big day it might be worthwhile booking a makeup lesson a few months beforehand so you can find out what’s going to work best for you – and then buy it!

If you haven’t got a skin care routine in place, I’d recommend getting one started around 4 months before your wedding. To me, wedding makeup is about creating beautiful, flawless skin and getting it in tip top condition will only enhance what you already have and help to give you that airbrushed look. A simple cleanse, tone, moisturise routine is a great place to start and use an exfoliator 1-2 times a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

The closer you get to your wedding date the more you’ll want to gear up your skin care routine and you may even chose to go for targeted treatments by a skincare specialist. I always recommend that my clients have facials before their wedding as it can make such a difference to skin condition and how makeup applies. I’d suggest no later than 3 weeks before the wedding though – there’d be nothing worse than having a reaction or coming out in spots just before your wedding day! Thinking of having something stronger like microdermabrasion? Then you’ll want to see your dermatologist about 6 months before the wedding to get a routine in place that’s suitable for your skin.

When the wedding day arrives many brides say they feel a bit bleary and puffy eyed (excitement insomnia anyone?!) Using an eye treatment such as Estee Lauder’s stress relief eye mask can easily solve this, although to save money I often put my regular eye cream in the fridge for 10 minutes and once applied, leave it to soak in to my under eye area. The result is less puffy and more hydrated! Winning all round!

And finally, what about those dreaded spots that seem to appear at the most unwelcome of times (read: anytime something nice is happening.) My number one rule is don’t pick!! Your makeup artist should easily be able to cover an untouched spot but if you break the skin, there’s not much that can be done and often they look far worse than they did before! Instead, apply witch hazel or aloe vera, which will help to bring down the swelling and reduce redness, making it easier to cover.

Above everything though, remember to still look like you, and enjoy the day! When you look back in 30 years I guarantee it won’t be a pimple you remember, it’ll be the amazing day you both shared. Hopefully I’ve offered some help to your wedding prep, but if you have anything specific you’d like me to help with, please feel free to drop me a message!


Makeup that won't break the bank!

Josephine Way

We all love a bargain and I am absolutely no different (as a general rule, if it’s free, I 100% want it.) When it comes to your makeup bag there are certain items I wouldn’t recommend scrimping on - if nothing else always treat yourself to a posh foundation. But there are plenty of amazing high street brands that are almost identical to some of the guys at the top. And lets face it, we haven’t all got hundreds of pounds to spend on the latest product, that promises to do X, Y and Z (and no doubt fails!) In this post I’m going to let you in to a few of my favourites – some you’ll have heard of, some may be completely new to you, but I guarantee they’re all amazing!!

First up it’s Morphe brushes. This brand is only available online in the UK so it may not be one you’ve heard of, but it’s definitely one you need to know about. I managed to pick up this HUGE tray of colours for around £20. And for 35 colours, I reckon it’s almost considered rude if you don’t buy it…or at least that’s what I tell myself! As I do such a variety of different jobs I picked a palette that covered all possible colour options, but they have such a massive selection that I defy anyone to not find a palette they like! The colours are really pigmented and blend gorgeously together. I’ve not tried any of Morphe’s other products but if their eyeshadow is anything to go by, they’ll be amazing.

This little baby is a great basic primer to keep in your makeup bag as it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s quite a thick formula but a little goes a long way and it gives your skin a really nice silky texture without feeling greasy. Make sure you let it dry completely before you apply anything else otherwise you’ll notice it doesn’t quite smooth over those pores as well as you’d like! If you have particularly dry or oily skin, it’d be better to get one suited specifically to your needs but for an all in one it’s great – and only £6!

Speak to any makeup artist and they’ll tell you that the tools you use are equally as important as the products themselves. If you’re looking for a company that won’t break the bank but still offers high end products then look no further than German brand Zoeva. I use their rose gold eye set (pictured) in my brush set and always get comments from my clients on how soft they are. They are beautifully made and there’s no problem with bristle fall out. They really are worth far more than the £65 you’ll pay for the set. (OK, £65 in one go may sound like a lot but considering I’ve spent as much as £60 for one brush in the past, I reckon getting 12 for the same price is not too bad!)

Kiko Milano cosmetics are amazing and I’m so glad we now have a store in my hometown. If you want something of good quality, mid to low price, and bang on trend, then head here! I have an abundance of coloured liners, eyeshadows, and nail polishes and they all set me back about a fiver. Their purple, illuminating primer used to be a favourite of mine, and everyone else too it would seem – it’s been out of stock the last 3 times I’ve been in. Boooo!

And finally I reckon I should give a mention to Makeup Revolution’s iconic palettes. Most will set you back between £4-£8 which considering they’re often compared to the Urban Decay Naked palettes, is pretty damned good. I have the ‘iconic Elements’ palettes and have been really impressed with the colour payout you get. As the shades are matte (bar one) I often use them for eyebrow colours, and they’re amazing.

There are so many companies out there offering reasonably priced, incredible products but these are just a few of my favourites that I repeatedly get for my kit. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading - I’d love to know if you’ve discovered any others that you think I can’t live without…?

Spring Skin

Josephine Way

Spring has sprung and that means it’s definitely time I started to give my skin a springtime injection! I’m a real fan of keeping makeup fresh and simple in spring and if my base is looking flawless then I’ll often leave the rest of my makeup stripped back. I speak to so many people who say they don’t know how to cover problem areas or they’re not sure if they should apply foundation or concealer first, so I thought I’d give you a step by step of how to achieve that perfect springtime base.

OK so in the name of the game I’m sharing a photo of me in all my potato shaped glory! As you can see – I could definitely benefit from a bit of sunshine on my ever paling skin! And the rosy cheeks aren’t doing much to help me on my quest for flawless skin. I have, however, cleansed, toned and moisturised and also used my favourite eye cream and primer. It’s really important you prep your skin properly before you apply makeup. It will help it to glide over the skin and cover problem areas. Using a good quality primer will also help to keep your makeup in place throughout the day.

Next I’ve applied Charlotte Tilbury’s magic foundation in shade six and buffed in using my favourite Illamasqua brush. I’ve also applied Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in ‘warm ivory’ to my under eyes, and I’ve used shade ‘sand’ on any red patches still showing through my foundation. I always recommend using a lighter shade of concealer for under eyes as it helps to brighten the area and makes your skin look really fresh. If you’ve got particularly dark circles, you may want to try using a colour corrector under your concealer. Once applied finish with a setting powder. I only applied this to the areas where I used concealer, because my skin is quite dry and I’m trying to create fresh skin but if yours is oily, you’ll want to apply it all over to stop you looking shiny.

I then moved on to my eyebrows. Mine are particularly sparse from an extreme over plucking episode during my teens, but that’s another story! I use a dark charcoal powder and an angled brush. I like to apply them as soon as I’ve finished my base as they make such a difference to the shape of your face so no matter what I’m doing with my makeup, they always come after my base!

Next I gave myself a soft contour using my Illamasqua sculpting powder duo. As I want to give myself a bit of healthy colour I applied under my cheekbones and at the top of my forehead to create a ‘bronzed effect.’ I applied Mac blush in ‘melba’ to the apples of my cheek. Finally I applied the highlight colour from the Illamasqua kit to my cheekbones, my nose and my cupids bow. You want to apply your highlight colour to wherever the light would naturally bounce off your skin. Because I’m creating a spring glow I’ve applied a generous amount of highlighter.

Finally, add your favourite lipstick. I kept it simple and opted for a nude but I also love adding a pop of colour.  A lively red always looks good and is completely on trend for Spring 2016!

By keeping the rest of your makeup pared back and simple you get a really fresh and healthy look. Let your skin do the talking!

My favourite makeup products

Josephine Way

So, it’s officially here! I’ve gone and started my blog. I want to use this space to share more about my life as a makeup artist. That means you’ll find plenty of makeup looks, product reviews, and tips and tricks of the trade – plus anything else I get up to that I can’t wait to share!

It seemed only fair that I dedicate my first post to a few of the things I just can’t live without. They’re products I use on myself and would be genuinely gutted if they discontinued (Chanel Vitalumiere satin smooth cream I’m talking to you!)

First up it’s Laura Mercier’s foundation primer. It keeps makeup in place like none I’ve ever tried! I have pretty dry skin (think dull and flaky) so the formula works really well for me. It’s extremely lightweight and as soon as it’s applied turns to liquid. It offers an amazing moisture boost and once dry leaves a natural glow, and of course it does everything you’d expect from a good quality primer – covers pores and fine lines like a dream!

Next I need to give a very special shout out to Charlotte Tilbury’s magic foundation. It’s been 5 years in the making and let me tell you, it is 100% worth the wait! It offers full coverage with a weightless finish and works wonders on imperfections. As it’s full coverage it’s important to prep your skin properly and really buff it in or you risk it looking cakey. I like to apply it with Illamasqua blusher brush and then finish with Mac Fix + to set and add a final hydrating glow.

At the risk of sounding like I’m on a never-ending quest for luminous skin (I most definitely am) I couldn’t live without Illamasqua sculpting powder duo. The highlighter, ‘Lumos,’ is absolutely incredible. I’ll admit I’m quite fussy when it comes to highlighters. I want to look healthy but a lot of them have big chunks of glitter and personally I prefer something that offers more of a soft focus effect. The glitter in this is so fine that it blends effortlessly in to skin and it reflects the light beautifully! The contour colour, ‘Heliopolis,’ is also perfect for me because it’s not too heavy and allows me to create a soft, natural finish. It’s a very buildable colour though so if you prefer something a little stronger it’s more than capable.

Lorac PRO matte eyeshadow is my go-to for most eye looks. The consistency is like no other, really creamy, almost like butter! It means the colours blend beautifully, and they perfectly compliment each other so you can use any combination you want and it’s a sure fire winner! I seem to use 'latte' in absolutely everything – it’s such a versatile colour for blending and is great for softening the edges of a smoky eye.

And finally I think it’s only right that I give a mention to the best eye cream I have found to date! Because after all, your skin care routine will make a huge difference to the look, feel and staying power of your makeup. It’s worth noting that I’ve always had a thing about my eye area, something which has only been heightened since the arrival of my little girl (who knew that one person could have puffy, dry AND wrinkled eyes at the same time?! Let me assure you… they definitely can!) This cream has been the saviour for me! It is so lusciously thick that it creates a smoothed surface, almost immediately and I can honestly say that within about 2 weeks I noticed a significant difference. At £44 it is a bit of a splurge but personally, it is worth every single penny! My dark circles appear to be going, my lines have been smoothed and my puffiness starts to fade within minutes of using it. If that’s not a good eye cream, I don’t know what is!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and having a look at a few of the products I can’t be without – I’d love to know if you’ve tried any! If not, what are the products that you absolutely love?

Jo x